How To: Play Prison Architect on Your iPad Now & Be the Warden of Your Very Own Jail

Play Prison Architect on Your iPad Now & Be the Warden of Your Very Own Jail

Prison Architect, the BAFTA winner for the Best Persistent Game in 2016, has finally soft launched on iOS. Originally a PC game, Prison Architect lets you build and maintain a maximum security prison. Comparable to running a small city, the game has you manage an ever-expanding correctional facility and contend not only with violent offenders and ever-present prospect of a chaotic riot, but also more mundane affairs like balancing the prison's budget and employee payroll.

In addition to the standard sandbox mode which gives you free rein to build your ideal prison, there are numerous story modes you can complete such as quelling riots, watching over suicidal inmates, and rebuilding a fire-damaged commissary to feed your aggravated prisoners as fast as possible to prevent them from rioting.

Being a soft release means that Prison Architect is still not quite ready to make its worldwide debut, and is currently only available for download on the iOS App Store in the Netherlands. If you'd like to try out Prison Architect right now and see if the game has what it takes to hook you in, we'll show you how to bypass country restrictions to download it.

Install Prison Architect on iOS

As of now, Prison Architect is only available for iPad, and only for the third generation or newer models. Your firmware will also need to be updated to iOS 8 or higher to run it. The App Store's region restrictions will need to be bypassed in order to install the game due to its soft launch state. To do this, you'll need a valid Apple ID with an address based in the country where it's officially available, in this case, the Netherlands.

Creating a location-spoofed Apple ID is relatively easy, and just requires signing up with a valid email account and using a realistic home address that matches the country you're spoofing. If you feel more comfortable following a more detailed guide, we've got the entire process covered at the following link.

Once you've set up your foreign account, head over to the Dutch App Store and download Prison Architect like you would any other app or game. You can either perform a search within the App Store or head to the following link to grab it.

Prison Architect is technically still in development and far from a finished game, so please take that into consideration before you download and play it. The game is also available for Android, but so far no reliable APK files for it have surfaced. We'll stay on the lookout and update as soon as we find a stable APK.

We tested the game on an iPad Pro and iPad Mini 1st generation, running iOS 10.3.1 and 9.3.5, respectively. We found that it ran smoothly with little or no issues on the iPad Pro, and while gameplay wasn't as smooth on the iPad Mini, there were no major flaws spotted that rendered the game unplayable. As always any feedback is welcome, so feel free to comment down below and let us know what you think about this controversial new game.

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Cover image & screenshots by Amboy Manalo/Gadget Hacks

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